Beware of Recent Cyber Attacks

Petya R


Yet another cyber-attack has been underway since yesterday, June 27th. We must be vigilant and use caution when opening any emails, clicking on websites, and installing any applications. This new wave of attacks comes from the same strand of the WannaCry Ransomware. Currently attackers are using mostly emails to install malignant software on your computer that then spreads to other computers on your network using existing windows form of communications.


In the following articles you can read a little more on these phishing emails that are sent out in an attempt to get users to click on any links that will directly attempt to download the virus on your computer.


Tips to keep in mind to avoid falling prey:

– Don’t click on links or attachments in emails you were not specifically expecting to receive, even if it is from a known sender. Contact the sender via phone call to confirm they indeed intended to email you a link or attachment.

– Keep in mind these emails may not only come from friends, family, or collegues whose computers have been infected but can also come disguised as “official” emails from your bank, credit card company, utilities comapny, subscription services, etc. Again, these hackers are very creative and extremely talented. It is always best to contact the sender / company to confirm.

-Cyber criminals are very creative! Do not fall for the different types of ”call to action” graphics that generally make people click on infected links or ads.

-Make sure your Antivirus is up to date. If you do not have an Antivirus installed on your computer, you can download a great one here:

-Make sure your IT staff has downloaded and installed the latest Microsoft updates that will help provide another layer of security. You can find these updates here:  


If you are not 100% sure your computer network is secure from possible attacks contact us today.

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