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  • We specialize in supporting businesses in South Florida, we speak your language, and we know what you need.
  • We have been supporting businesses in South Florida for over 20 years.
  • We are the one hand you need to shake for ALL your IT needs.

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5 Reasons to Choose Spirit Technologies to Support Your Computer Network


We Have Been Supporting Businesses in South Florida For Over 20 Years. Are you tired of paying people to learn how to support your network? At Spirit Technologies we have been working with businesses like yours for over 20 years so you're never gonna pay us to learn how to do something the first time.


We Custom-Tailor Our Solutions To Fit YOUR Business’ Unique Needs. Most IT providers don't understand that different types of businesses have distinctive needs and requirements. WE DO! So ultimately, we will work with you to maximize your bottom line by implementing and supporting cost-saving, state-of-the-art technology based on our over 20 years of experience.


We Partner With Top-Of-The-Line, Value-Centered Vendors. Our vendors have been carefully selected to deliver the best in business technologies providing security, productivity, backup and business continuity solutions.


We Proactively Meet With Each Of Our Clients Each Quarter. We know when it comes to your business you have to know what's going on in general and you need to know what's going on in advanced and you never have time to look at these things. So, we proactively schedule this with you every quarter. We'll go over what you need to budget for the next quarter and the following years, and we'll build that out so that there is nothing that is a surprise - "oh my gosh I had no idea this was coming."


We Are The One Hand You Need To Shake For ALL Your IT Needs. We know many IT providers will pass the buck and say you need to go talk to this person, this person, and this person…NOT US. At Spirit Technologies we handle everything from supporting your entire network, phone systems and internet to hardware and software procurement, helpdesk support, cloud solutions, cyber security, data backups and any other related technology need - we do it ALL. So, you have one vendor, one company that you're working with to get comprehensive support for EVERYTHING you need in your entire business.

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Security, Optimized Technology, Fast Response Times

The services and support Spirit Technologies provide have reduced risks for our organization. Our technology is optimized and we know we are not in danger of information leaks.

Spirit Technologies has faster response times than any other IT company we have worked with in the past. They work closely with us, are attentive to our needs, and solve IT problems swiftly.

When you choose Spirit Technologies, you receive great customer service and professionals that know what they are doing and walk you through your questions and concerns allowing you to focus on the implementation of your organization's mission and vision.

Jose Martinez Vice President & COO
Hope for Miami
Miami, Florida

Quick Response, Professional, Like Part Of The Family

I absolutely love the Spirit Technologies team! They are a great group of IT professionals.

With Spirit Technologies I know we are a priority. They respond quickly and understand my not-so-good questions without making me feel like a dummy.

Having Spirit Technologies take over our IT has been the best decision. They are personable and helpful; the best family to be a part of. Give them a call, you won't regret it.

Carline Nozile Program Director
Gang Alternative
Miami, Florida

Excellent Service, Knowledgeable, Always Go The Extra Mile

Argelys and the Spirit Technologies Team always go out of their way to assist anytime, whether you are working late or early.

They are completely knowledgeable about their craft and will always find a creative solution to the challenge.

Argelys has been a lifesaver to me many times and I highly recommend him and Spirit Technologies. They deliver excellent service but more importantly do it with kindness, consideration, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Colleen Adams Founder and Executive Director
Empowered Youth, Inc.
Miami, Florida

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