Providing Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach Non-Profits With Specialized IT Support For Over 20 Years

  • We specialize in supporting non-profit organizations, we speak your language, and we know what you need.
  • We have been supporting non-profits in South Florida for over 20 years.
  • Discounted pricing exclusive to non-profits.
  • We are the one hand you need to shake for ALL your IT needs.

7 Reasons to Choose Spirit Technologies
to Support Your Computer Network

  1. We Specialize in Supporting Non-Profits in South Florida. Most IT providers in South Florida will tell you they can support any business because they just focus on the computer. At Spirit Technologies we know that's just not the case. We specialize in supporting non-profit organizations, we speak your language, and we know what you need.
  2. We Have Been Supporting Non-Profits in South Florida For Over 20 Years. Are you tired of paying people to learn how to support your network? At Spirit Technologies we have been working with non-profit organizations like yours for over 20 years so you're never gonna pay us to learn how to do something the first time.
  3. Discounted Pricing EXCLUSIVE To Non-Profits. We know that non-profits operate at a lower price point, so we have tailored our pricing to focus exclusively on your budget.
  4. We Custom-Tailor Our Solutions To Fit Within The Complexity Of Non-Profit Budgets. Most IT providers don't understand that non-profits work with grants, donations, different funding sources and a myriad of other things. WE DO! So ultimately, we will work with you to maximize the grant-ability or fundability of paying for your technology based on our over 20 years of experience working with other non-profits just like you.
  5. We Proactively Meet With Each Of Our Clients Each Quarter. We know when it comes to non-profits you have to know what's going on in general and you need to know what's going on in advance and you never have time to look at these things. So, we proactively schedule this with you every quarter. We'll go over what you need to budget for the next quarter and the following years, and we'll build that out so that there is nothing that is a surprise - "oh my gosh I had no idea this was coming."
  6. We Partner With Vendors That Have Programs For Non-Profits. We have found the vendors that know how to support non-profits. They have specific special programs to support non-profits and we specialize in bringing those to you to maximize every dollar you spend.
  7. We Are The One Hand You Need To Shake For ALL Your IT Needs. We know many IT providers will pass the buck and say you need to go talk to this person, this person, and this person…NOT US. At Spirit Technologies we handle everything from supporting your entire network, phone systems and internet to hardware and software procurement, helpdesk support, cloud solutions, cyber security, data backups and any other related technology need - we do it ALL. So, you have one vendor, one company that you're working with to get comprehensive support for EVERYTHING you need in your entire organization.