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As a busy business owner or executive, your time is precious. Working with Spirit Technologies saves you time so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business.


IT Solutions


Your business is unique so are the problems sometimes presented within the day to day operations. Call us for any problem you may have that an IT Solution can resolve, even without having a problem you may still want a second opinion of your current IT status. Below are different IT Solutions we provide.



IT service is all about three words fast, secure and reliable. At Spirit Technologies we have parter up with the best in the industry to make sure we deliver quality service complying with these 3 qualities.


Managed It


Contracting with Spirit Technologies not only reduces these expensive costs, but can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your data and IT resources are backed up and protected. The monthly investment paid to an outside IT Management Company is a fraction of the compensation packages your company would pay an in-house IT department —freeing you up to make better use of these financial resources elsewhere in your operating budget.


Spirit Technologies’ affordable Managed IT Services offer a solution that is expertly tailored for:



With our Managed Services you will be free from worrying about disruptions, data loss and reduced productivity while at the same time having a person accountable your Virtual CIO assigned to you.


Online Services


Having an online presence nowadays is mandatory for any business. Our staff of developers, designers and SEO experts are ready to help you get your presence in an effective way. Developing a website is not enough and many business owners are aware of this and are asking more often “how can I have my web site in the top search results in google?” Every website we developed are optimized so that google and other major search engines can easily find and show them as one of the top results.



Mobile Development


Mobile is currently the fastest growing industry in the development market. Users throughout the world are choosing to buy smartphones or tablet over any other gadgets out there, and that is why mobile development has reached outstanding numbers this past year. Mobile development has opened another big market where many people with new ideas are taking their chances and receiving a fast and outstanding return over the investment. The secret behind this profitable ROI are the advertisement shown each time users interact with your application.


Before developing your mobile application you need to research if it will require resources from the mobile operating system. If that is case you need to go with a native application which means that it will be developed for an specific Mobile Operating System, otherwise you can go with an easier and faster development that will cover many of the operating systems for a lower cost. Contact us to learn more and make sure you make the right decision.


However you wish to do it, use any of the options you see here!